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The police or Law Enforcement is tasked with the prevention of crime and apprehension of offenders. As part of law enforcement,police officers have four major responsibilities: enforcing laws, preventing crimes, responding to emergencies, and providing support services.

Individually and corporately, the police should pursue excellence and uphold professional standards. The management and conduct of police officers are in compliance with and promote basic values and encourage feedback.

The Police work for and are answerable to Parliament who are elected by the people, therefore, the police are answerable to the public and are required to protect the people from those in society who would take advantage of and violate fellow citizens.

Over the least 20 years there has been a tremendous failure within the police and justice system to protect and serve the general public. Simple policing matters have become politicised, twisted and slanted by various political parties and groups, intent on not respecting law and order but using it for their own political and social agendas that benefit a small minority.

The Pakistani child grooming scandal, Jimmy Saville paedophile case, constant leaks about Parliamentary sexual abuses are the tip of the iceberg, allowing statues and buildings to be desecrated by a small minority of social misfits intent on having their misguided and false opinion stand as the official position of the government and the British people are matters that need addressing.

The opinion of those demonstrating would be hard pushed to represent 5% of the British public yet they are given so much media coverage one would hunk that they represent 95% of public opinion. The police are complacent in this because they have not really stopped the violence and destruction, many have taken the knee. If only anyone especially in government bothered to do their historical research, they would find a very different narrative to the facts of slavery, etc. See Thomas Sowell on slavery Thomas Sowell

Things that need to be addressed.

The police need to have proper training and be physically fit.

The closure of many police stations and the lack of 'Bobby on the Beat' and not getting to know the local community, low numbers of police and the reliance on the internet to solve crimes are contributing factors to the downgrading of police ability.

Social housing, community and education are all factors of how a community functions and can lead to issues of good policing.

Immigration, education, foreign criminality are all contributing factors that can test good policing.

The police are there to protect the general public from the criminal and violent elements w

Something that is not happening at the moment.

More to come.

Robin Jacob
Founder Member