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Immigration is a hot issue that is becoming more and more centre stage within Great Britain and is having a marked affect on British culture and the economy.

The debate over immigration is often fallacious and meaningless and the most important thing is that immigration is a point in time where the citizens of a country decide via their government the level of and the type of immigration, they are willing to tolerate.

Now as far as Great Britain is concerned there is a need to have immigration for a series of reasons: 1) Immigrant with skills that are lacking or in short supply in Great Britain should be accepted because they will benefit the country. 2) Those British citizens who have genuinely married foreigners should be entitled to bring them to Great Britain regardless of their financial situation and the spouse should not be allowed to claim any benefits for two years. 3) There should be a certain amount of immigration to help the gene pool.

Today they are many children born to foreign born parents or grandparents. Many of these immigrants fought in WW2 alongside Britain and many stayed here after WW2 -- Polish, Czech, Indian and West Indian to mention a few.

After WW2 Great Britain found itself with a severe labour shortage and between 1948 and 1970, nearly half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain. The immigrants were later referred to as "the Windrush generation".

Today (2020) many of the off spring of the Windrush generation have been having problems with their citizenship and the British government has handle the situation badly rejecting many claims for British passports. If one asks foreigners to come and work in Great Britain they and their offspring should be entitled to citizenship.

Again, the British army recruits in Nepal for its Gurkha regiment and yet the Gurkhas have a hard time get all the benefits a regular member of the armed forces receive.

If the government encourages foreign nationals to come and work in Great Britain or serve in the armed forces, they should be afforded British citizenship and all that goes along with it.

With 1.4m (estimated) illegal immigrants in Great Britain and the government unable to control the influx, a strong and fair strategy is required and enshrined in law.

The responsible of the British government is the well-being of the British people and that successive governments have failed in.

All immigrants and refugees attempting to enter Great Britain by any other means, but the prescribed legal method should be denied entry and repatriated to either their country of origin or the country they have last come from.

Only when illegal immigration has been halted can one then initiate a fair system of immigration to Great Britain. As mentioned before Great Britain needs immigration, but immigration that is beneficial to the country.

Robin Jacob
Founder Member