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Every So often we humans hit a brick wall…. A wall of technolgy, scientific discovery, social innovation and advancement.Each time we have scrambled over the wall we have be able to take advantage of the new development.

It has however bcome harder and harder for the majority to benefit from these advancements.

In Great Britain as with other countries, we will face in the not too distant future as will other countries around the world, a number of issues that will have to be assessed and dealt with now if we are all to benefit from the technological tsunami that is heading straight for us.

At the moment Great Britain is floundering on the point total infrastructure collapse and will lead Great Britain into decades long depression unless we start to think 20 years ahead.

There will be a need for a massive amount of social housing, a more sophisticated communications system, a far superior transportation system that utilises the latest technology and yes HS2 is simply overpriced and not fit for purpose.

The fast development of Artificial Intelligence is going to suddenly engulf everyone’s everyday life and there will become a marked divide between those that can afford this technology and those that cannot and the divide may not happen as one might expect. Certainly the very wealthy will adapt to this technology fairly easily but for everyone it is not only money that will help widen the divide but the ability to grasp how to use it and that there is a desire to use it. We could well within fifty years end up with societies around the world deeply split into at least two categories if not three. The social and mental health issues will be front and centre for those not in the AI camp.

It is now that we need to design and expand the infrastructure so as to allow future development to slot in easily and that it will help all people and not become burdensome the majority of the population.

First we need to build more Passive Social Housing, i.e. a home that does conserves and can generate most of its energy needs.

This technology is here and many self builders are installing the required technology.

Each household on low income could save between £800 and 1200 per year. That can go to other things that will benefit the low wage earner giving them a better life.

Second, a radical new approach is needed for mass transportation; MAGLEV is the way forward for intercity travel and should replace conventional train services. The technology was developed in the Cambridge in the 1970’s but the then Tories government stopped investing in it because of the cost. (Another government screw up) .

As a child I used to attend the lectures of Dr Eric Laithewaite on linear motors, at the Royal Academy It was Laithewaite who invented the linear induction motor and he is known as the ‘Father of Maglev’.

As part of its development with high speed connections to the North of England, Scotland, Wales South and Southwest,

Heathrow Airport should be moved to Southend or possibly Suffolk, with connections to London, Cambridge and south of England.

The area now occupied by Heathrow (12.27 square kilometres) would be redeveloped into passive housing, parks and shopping and industrial areas. Its design would allow for bike lanes, charging points for electric cars, although I personally prefer Hydrogen cars as they use only one battery and are long term better for the environment.

Third, along with the infrastructure expansion and development , one needs to understand that the ever increasing population does not help Great Britain achieve its goal.

It hinders development, and so over the next ten years a reduction of five million people would be beneficial and there after a further five million over the following ten to fifteen years.

After that one might well have to encourage an increase in the population depending on where technology is in twenty five years.

Whatever happens with Brexit, world trade deals, etc Great Britain must be able to feed itself.

While 50% of our food is imported one needs to look at what is being imported. How much of it is necessary food, everyday produce and how much is exotic or food shipped in because it is out of season in GB at that time.

Air freighted strawberries from Africa us not a necessity and the environmental cost is not sustainable.

Having said that, new technology will allow British farmers to innovate together with government and private sector support.

As the earth’s temperature rises it becomes easier to grow exotic fruits in GB. The Romans grew grapevines here and we are now doing it again.

There are far more upsides to increase of temperature, than there are negatives. A look at Bjorn Lomborg’s work and ideas are worth studying further.

Robin Jacob

Founder DGB