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Democracy Great Britain's main purpose is the wellbeing of the British people within the boundaries of the union and without in regards to trade, relationships and the support of the democratic process. The democratic system within Great Britain has been slowly eroded by a succession of governments both on the left and right each trying to manipulate the process to their advantage.

Recently under Theresa May's premiership there was a conservative move to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. Had this been successful the Labour Party would have found themselves in position of never being able to assume government again. (There is more on this click on the Parliament link.)

Great Britain's history is like no other country's. It has been invaded countless of times and been the invader many times. It has been a province of Rome and had an Empire like so many other countries. What it is today is because of its past. History is there to be learnt from not to be erased because of the sensibilities of present day generations whose sole objective is 'ME.'

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Robin Jacob
Founder DGB